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I have had Siri in my life for over a decade now, it came out in October of 2011 with the iPhone 4S. From the very beginning I thought the idea was pretty cool, I even used the Siri app before Apple acquired them earlier that year, but I knew…

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I really love Federico’s excellent work with Shortcuts on iPadOS and MacOS. I’m a subscriber their Club MacStories group and really enjoy their relentless focus on pushing iPadOS and because of the cross-pollination we get these days between the platforms: Shortcuts for the Mac to their limits. I always love trying to get more out of my devices and I really find their deep dives into various productivity solutions to be enlightening and fun.


The Apple Watch ecosystem has been slowing down and big names like Instagram, Twitter, Uber, and more have left the platform. This articles from the Verge today saddened me because it feels like the Apple Watch App experience has just stopped the last couple of years.

Uber is the latest popular app to bail on the Apple Watch

I do wish Apple…

I remember my mother having a pink Razr and I had the blue Krzr, the musically featured, version of that phone, which also had the forbidden internet button. I lived in fear of that button in high school. You could not even block the internet on Cingular from what I remember at the time. I remember paying…something between $8 and $20 for Tetris on my phone at the time between the game itself and the data fees. Its amazing how much the technology has evolved. My Apple Watch has a faster LTE modem than those phone ever did.

This is a hidden gem on iOS 15. When writing, reading, or studying I find it hard to both sit in silence, the product of growing up in a medium-sized family, but I also find it difficult to work when music has lyrics. I found this feature useful when I need some background noise while I work but don’t feel like listening to music at the time. They may be worth checking out because it’s built into iOS 15 and free to use.

Hobie Henning

IT Support Specialist V and Spring Hill College graduate who loves all things tech. If it has a flashing LED it has my immediate attention.

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