WWDC 2017: Reviving my faith in the Mac

Wow, just wow. That was my response to Apple’s keynote yesterday. I have never come so close to jumping ship to Windows and Android as I have this last month. Apple’s laser-focus on the consumer market with iOS and their controversal Macbook Pro announcement last September really opened up the line of questioning of whether Apple cared about their professional users. After yesterday’s deluge of a keynote, I can confidently say that Apple does indeed care about their Macs. Where to begin?


macOS High Sierra

This update was not very exciting on paper, but did present the promise of a Snow Leopard-like release where Apple focuses on the stability, speed, and core features of the Mac. Some of the early reviews of the Touchbar Macbook Pro’s cited how buggy the machine was and I can attest to that on my 2013 Macbook Pro when I had my Mac bomb out in the middle of a podcast for the first time last week and before that I was having issues with my laptop shutting down at 30% only to have it resolve itself factory I performed a complete factory restore. I use a Mac at work and a Macbook Pro as my personal workhorse. I definitely use the Mac as a productivity platform. I write, edit photos, podcast, code, study, etc. on the Mac, often plugging in external devices, using multiple monitors, and remotely manipulating other machines (I work in IT afer all).


Not Aperture, but close enough for my needs

While I did not get an Aperture, Apple did improve the Photos app on the Mac to the point that I do not feel like I really need it. Soon I will have more powerful editing tools and have the ability to easily roundtrip photos to Pixalmator or Photoshop without having to do the goofy export/import routine I do right now.

*Sheads tears of joy*

I’m looking forward to the new Apple File System as the foundation for Apple to build on top of over the next few years. Apple doubling my 1TB iCloud to 2TB was nice gesture and much appreciated since I am in the market for a new laptop and am hotly debating on how much local storage I want now. There was also an update yesterday to make Garageband work and look more in line with Logic Pro, which will be great for podcast. The automatic photo movie creations are also coming to the Mac, which is great because I really enjoy that in Google Photos and its the primarily reason I have used iMovie in the past beyond school or work projects. They also updated the MacBook Pro line with the 7th generation Intel processors, really beefed up the iMac line, and bumped the anemic Macbook’s up to Intel’s i5/i7 line to processors; thus making them useful laptops.

iMac Pro

Look at that beautiful Darth Vader black look

The iMac Pro was a big announcement for me soley because it raised the ceiling on what a Mac could do. I, and a lot of others, were getting concerned because the ceiling for the Macintosh was limited to the consumer iMac. With the iMac Pro and its server-grade processor and higher limits, that relieves pressure on the proffessional Mac community. I will not need the memory, storage, graphics or processor ceiling that the iMac Pro provides, but its a good feeling to simply know that if I ever did need to get into 4K video, VR, or high-end dataset calculations I wouldn’t have to exit the Mac community for Linux or Windows. This is extra-promising because Apple has yet to show off the next modular Mac Pro and Cinema Displays later this year.

VR on the Mac! Finally!

That, and not only did Apple finally show off Mac capable of running VR, but they also introduced external graphcis card support to the Mac. Creative pursuits and the hardware is one of the reasons I went with the Mac in college because as a Windows System administrator I can work in either Windows or MacOS. I chose the Mac because it let me experience the best of both worlds. It was a lot of small things that Apple announced in this keynote, but it was really death by a thousand cuts in the first place while I was considering leaving the Mac. Now I feel re-engergized about the platform and I look forward to its future.




IT Support Specialist V and Spring Hill College graduate who loves all things tech. If it has a flashing LED it has my immediate attention.

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Hobie Henning

Hobie Henning

IT Support Specialist V and Spring Hill College graduate who loves all things tech. If it has a flashing LED it has my immediate attention.

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