Feature Request: A better photo solution for Mac and iOS

As much as I love iOS, in 2018 I still use MacOS as my go-to operating system for getting work done both professionally and at work. At work, I use Final Cut to edit class videos because the improved performance and workflow make it really easy for me to quickly get through hours of lectures. I hit the iMovie wall really hard when I was asked to clean up the audio and crop about 40+ hours of class videos for my college. Just iMovie trying to process the videos into its library system was a big drag. Final Cut Pro was a big C-Change for me with its external library support, taking better advantage of my iMac’s horsepower, its background processing, etc. Over the last year it has more than paid for itself in the hours that its saved me having to edit videos at work and allowed our students to get to their videos much faster. As time as gone on I have started getting into Logic Pro X and while its probably overkill for the small podcast that I edit, it is nice to have a tool that I know that I can grow into. My friends who are much more into audio editing than I am sing its praises and that’s inspired me to dig into Logic Pro X as well and stretch myself.

For all of that praise I have for Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro, I get frustrated when I think about my photography options. I take a lot of photos. My iCloud Photo Library is 170GB+ now and growing, mostly iPhone photos, but I also own as Nikon D5300 DSLR that I do like to use on trips and special occasions. I should use it more, but my iPhone 7 is the camera I have with me most often. When I do use my DSLR though, I quickly get frustrated with the workflow for getting photos into my MacBook Pro and process them. Yeah, the editor got more capable with High Sierra and the ability to “Open-with” is a nice feature, but its still lacking when it comes time to import hundreds of photos, organize them, and do batch editing. I love the idea of iCloud photo library and having my photos with me everywhere and being able to make changes on any of my devices, but Lightroom CC is closer to what I really need when I use my DSLR. The problem though is I’m at this weird segment that I imagine a lot of hobbyists are that I like to use iCloud Photo library with its syncing, shared library, feature set variety, etc, but do not wish to make the switch to Adobe. Lightroom CC is a much, MUCH more capable program, but as a Mac user I find that its really like running a Windows application on my computer. It just doesn’t perform, look, or act the way that I would expect a Mac application to perform. It doesn’t integrate into my current iCloud photo library, support the Touch Bar or multi-touch trackpad gestures, and it requires me pay another $10–20/month to yet another company. Lightroom just feels like Adobe codes to the least common denominator and because the Mac’s marketshare it is never going to prioritize features for it over a Windows machine.

Here are a few things I would love for them to introduce with a professional photography application suite:

  1. iCloud Library support: I would love a professional Apple photography application to support iCloud photo library just like the consumer application does.

Photography is the last big professional editing application that Apple is sorely missing. I feel like the Photos core is solid now compared to where it was in the past and having a modern photography workflow for the Mac. If they were really serious about appealing to the professional market they would stop overlooking photography professionals going forward. Reintroducing Aperture for the Mac and expanding the experience into iOS would be a great way to complete the Apple professional trifecta.



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Hobie Henning

Hobie Henning


IT Support Specialist V and Spring Hill College graduate who loves all things tech. If it has a flashing LED it has my immediate attention.