Fantastic Friday Read “All the smart home gadgets worth knowing about from CES 2022”

It appears that Thread and Matter are going to start to finally make smart home technology easier and more seamless for everyday people and not the hobby of some geeks like Home theaters used to be before everyone got sound bars. The idea of not being locked into one ecosystem is exciting to me, especially as a HomeKit user is where some products have simply not been an option. I love the smart home and cannot wait to see how it evolves with time. I really enjoy helping friends and family start to get into it with stuff like Google Nest, Ecobee, Google Home speakers, HomePod Mini, etc. I hope Matter and Thread make it easier for people to get into smart home technology. I’ve found it gives my apartment an unique personality of sorts. The temperature is always right, it saves me money with saving electricity, I can check in on my cat, the lights are always on to greet me at night when I get home after work, and music is always a Siri request away. It makes my space feel so much more personal at the end it of the day. I really enjoy it. I’ll be excited when more people get to have that magical experience, whatever form it may take in the future— Hobie

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