As a JAMF Admin I find this product offering VERY interesting. I think that this serves a great niche below JAMF with its 1–500 employee offering. JAMF can be a pretty big lift for any company to get into, especially if they do not have somebody that they can dedicate…

A little later this week because I was traveling, but Apple’s yearly Christmas ad is just a great showcase of what you can do with the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera system. The short story is heartwarming and funny

Really excellent read from John Voorhees from MacStories. I never thought about tying Shortcuts on the Mac to a Stream Deck. I’ve always thought the hardware was really cool, but didnt’ have a reason to get one. This may be my excuse to buy a unit one day

Laptop running Windows 11 mock-up from Microsft

I have been beta testing Windows 11 since it first became available to Windows Insiders in the Developer Channel so largely I have liked it. It feels like a further modernizing of Windows 10 with greater consistency across icons, more fluid animations, simpler navigation in the form of the new…

Hobie Henning

IT Support Specialist V and Spring Hill College graduate who loves all things tech. If it has a flashing LED it has my immediate attention.

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